Bon Appetite

This goes out to all the foodies and food junkies who like to have rich, hot and good food all the time. This is the movie that made me realize to implement much of my new year resolutions. I was watching it again today and it forced me to ponder how important is food in someone’s life. By defining the type of food a person eats you can guess its attitude, its choice, its style, its couture and its vileness. Food has been predominant in our life since the beginning. Everything revolves around food, even since the birth of life on earth. And, I bet that by knowing the type of food, a child is fed during its growth time and most of its adolescence, you can judge, i mean guess, the type of person he or she will turn out to be. It is a well known saying in India that south Indian people are the most intelligent, diligent  and simple race because they eat the simplest food you can find in gourmet Indian cuisine. I come from Rajasthan in India and it is the land of gourmet cuisine and spices and also has the richest, royal and the most thoughtful cuisine offered by Indians. Its spicy, its rich full of fat and meets up all your dietary needs and most importantly reminds you of  it every time you take a bite of almost anything. Most of the Rajasthani cuisine is royal. This is because Rajasthan was under monarchical rule for a long time and the royal families had great influence on the food culture of the commoners. Be it “Bajare-ki-khichdi” laden with lots of ghee or “Murg-masala” everything sounds so delicious and yummy that i’m biting my tongue and holding my growling stomach painfully. I think the only part missing from the Rajasthani cuisine is sea food; otherwise it would have been the complete and soulful cuisine ever. Picture the red and white tender meat cooked with the richness of almonds and cashew nuts and everything fried in Butter and ghee. Even talking about it makes me slobber all over my t-shirt.

The only thing that has remained a mystery to me is that how come dessert dwelling people like eating raw peppery green chili

overflowing  with Capsaicin acid giving them all kind of stomach problems like dysentery etc. But who’s to say what is good for health. For me anything that tastes good and makes me go zoom is good.

People say they have a sweet tooth. Well i say all my teeth are sweet teeth. I can’t live a day without sweets. My mother a very good cook, cooks like Indian Julia Child perfect in the way she cooks but she doesn’t have the sweet tooth like me, may be she gave all of them to me when she gave birth to me, anyways because she doesn’t like eating sweets, whenever I go back home from my college it’s hard for me to get through my day. By the middle of the day, if I haven’t had at least 2 spoons of sugar I go cranky like a child in a basenet at a crowded fair. So to meet up with my glucose-needs this is what I do. I add lots of sugar to my evening tea and instead of coffee have milk tea with ginger and lots of sugar to calm myself. Ginger in tea is the best thing ever discovered by Indians, another great discovery as Chess and O.

To conclude food is what governs our life, well definitely it does mine and I am not proud of it but I judge people and make apprehensions about them by knowing the type of food they like to eat. So here I am dying for a tub of ice-cream and hoping that my roommate will bring me yogurt from the store (which i don’t like much but is better than nothing). Good night and Bon Appetite.


The idea of life – get inspired

This is my idea of life in 2010. The new me its v.2010 of me and I want the world to be like this. It should be World v.2010. This is why I love this dude. Will Smith is not just a very good actor but far better than what he portrays on the silver screen, he’s a better person in his real life and he changed his life and is ready to change that of others.

So let’s change ourselves and the world around us because its high time that we took some serious thinking and revolutionising.

Why is it that events like Haiti force us to look at the 3rd world under-developed countries like that. I’m not saying i’m a clean slate. I didn’t know about Haiti before myself and I am sad for what happened with those people and poor children.

Lets rake our minds and think, think what it takes to shake our minds and wake us up from the subconscious sleep and the idea that we are awake.

Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed – A little insight

I was just watching weeds the other day and the idea of marijuana being legal struck my mind. It also reminded me of the “famous” movie Pineapple Express. The movie drove me crazy, especially the beginning, the little skit about why marijuana might have been banned was really humorous and somewhat rhetoric.

I have never smoked pot. Another thing I might wanna try but not illegally; this reminded me of another episode of weeds about these “Depression Relief” spas where marijuana is converted into munchies and is used as a legal form of anti-depressant and as far as I have heard, its pretty effective. This forced me ponder why India doesn’t have such anti-depressant spa’s, hey, its illegal here as well.

I don’t know why weed shouldn’t be made legal, take tobacco for instance, which not to mention is much more detrimental about 60% more harmful but is still sold legally. May be because pot hasn’t received serious backing like tobacco from corporate giants.

Here are some fun facts about Marijuana.


1. relative dangers and addictive properties of various drugs

Seeing this chart you can easily infer that marijuana is far less harmful.

2. Marijuana has been hailed as a prescription for many ills and physicians once used it to stimulate appetite, relieve chronic pain, and treat asthma and migraines.

3. Marijuana has been used throughout history and in many different cultures to change mood, perception, and consciousness (to get “high”). Its effects range from increasing creativity to provoking mystical experiences, to heightening the capacity to feel, sense and share.

4. Marijuana is the most common illegal drug used in the United States. Approximately 100 million Americans have tried marijuana at least once, and more than 25 million have smoked it in the last year.

5. From 1850 to 1942, marijuana was listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia as a useful medicine for nausea, rheumatism, and labor pains and was easily obtained at the local general store or pharmacy.

6. In 1996, California became the first U.S. state to legally allow medical marijuana for patients with a valid doctor’s recommendation.

7. The U.S. Declaration of Independence was written on hemp(marijuana) paper.

8. There are three main types of Marijuana: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Sativa grows taller and it gives more of a head high. Indica is a short bushy plant and the high is more muscle relaxing throughout the body. Cannabis Ruderalis grows in colder climates (Eastern Europe and Russia). Skunk is the strong Cannabis Indica hybrid. Interesting fact about marijuana is that marijuana cures/prevents more than 100 diseases including cancer and depression.


fact image

It solves the above mentioned problems.

I could only think of 9 interesting facts but everyone is free to chip in for the 10th fact.

Note : Marijuana is illegal in most of the countries and this is not an advisory for anyone to smoke the drug. It is just a person’s opinion and some real facts. JFGI.

Paris Hilton and the frog prince

This is a work of fiction so don’t take it otherwise.

She seemed as if a Goddess descending from the Rainbow stairs of heaven, as if Zeus himself made her and her hair were like rays coming out from morning Sun bright and blond. Her skin was soft and seemed like the sweet bread of a fresh loaf straight from the oven. As she approached the counter at Jimmy Choo showroom, donning her Chanel and smelling as if covered with the drops of Imperial Majesty. “This looks so dope pack it up bitch” she yelled, all hung-over from yesterday night more like today morning, at the counter girl.

Paris is a true party girl and sort of different, see after her “secret” movie released she was disturbed and badly affected but she tried to cope up with it and the hotel heiress started to look for new BFF’s on ET!,  to fill her lonely life, because even sluts oops girls like Paris can be lonely sometime. Anyways after her recent break-up she went partying hard with her girlfriends spending her easy-earned cash Mojito’s and screw-driver’s.

When she woke up the next day she had like 20 bags from different stores on the hills road. As she woke up the sun was high above her head but this was nothing new to our little spoilt brat. She hunted for a mug of hot de-cafe and started texting her bitches. Tonight they were supposed to attend a fashion show and attend an after party by the famous Helena Swan (a swan) the designer’s friend.

This was just after she had ended shooting her show ‘My New BFF’ and had selected her new BFF (Bitches and Fuckwits forever). So she had to attend as her TRP’s and popularity has been plunging since there had been no tape releases I mean music-tape release and her publicist promised that this was going to be a gold mine for her, as her other F Lady HAHA was also attending the party and after her new album release she was topping the charts.

Let’s skip to the party because our little Paris parties hard and that’s when she shows her true colors. Everyone from the entertainment industry was present, as it was Helena’s party, and it was a strict no-no by all the publicists to miss her party, there’s generally a very long list of contenders to attend the party. The tier-2 fame jockey’s even have to apply for the position to attend the party but the invitation always come with a plus one, so some people are just lucky.

As Paris strode through the Aztec style party wearing her flip-flops by Jimmy-Choo, diamond studded and lined with gold, her hairs shining from the flood lights on the ceiling, she walked past the frog prince and his personality struck her as if she was being gagged by the actor in the secret-movie she made. Anyways, as the prince was surrounded by his fans she admired his choice of suits, Tom Ford’s silk three piece blue suit, hiding the marks from the boils on the back recently removed by the latest laser surgery.

She made her way through the crowd towards the prince. This was the first time she was going to meet the much famous prince but the only problem was that he was a frog, so no human girl would possibly like him, but as I said our little Paris was always different. But behold me’ readers she was not attracted towards the prince “not-so-charming” but the wealth he was heir to.

The prince after watching the movie had a secret admiration for Paris’s skills and wanted to get her in the sack. He even thought that he can use the Playbook trick by Barney but that would be too cliché. As he caught the glance of Paris approaching him, he thought that this was his night; this was his only chance to get what he had been imagining while using all the tissue boxes in the palace.

“You know I was not always this ugly. I was cursed by a bitch because I slept with her former best friend, that, I will turn into a frog. But, as I explained it happened when we were on a break she said that I will turn back into the charming young man as soon as I let the most beautiful girl I think is, does it with me.” Paris was shocked as the prince came clear to her, as he drove his Ferrari to drop off the flop-queen to her palace. She had admiration in her eyes as she checked out the prince from up and down. She thought “It would be great if this guy turns into the sexiest guy, even if it brings cooties in her.”

As they made their way to her bedroom frantically kissing and knocking off anything that falls in their way, they started removing their clothes. As they reached their bedroom she had already started reaching for the real stuff. Well, skipping what actually happened as this being not an erotica, she woke up in the morning hung up and all alone. It was as you can imagine 12 o’clock, sharp. As she reached for her usual coffee and the copy of Herald Express “E” section her jaw fell wide open looking at her intimate and not-so-subtle pictures from last night with the prince. She checked her voicemail, her publicist had left her several messages, and she quickly turned on CNN and saw her intimate pictures brutally flying off the screen, then suddenly the prince still ugly and covered with blisters, came on, accepting the allegiance that these pictures were real but was unaware of them being taken.

The truth was, as soon as they had stepped out to leave, he had texted his camera man to wait at the Hilton villa with a DSLR and a HD cam to capture his dream coming true and a stunt that he can later pull off to get back at her father because of which his father had lost billions in VEGAS casinos. But, this was something hidden from the world well below the slimy thick layers of his skin.

She checked her voicemail and her publicists have left her around 20 messages she immediately dialed his number and a bright, gay voice replied. She was amazed at his tone and shouted that this was not her fucking problem that every boy she wants to sleep with tries to tape her. But her publicist corrected her that since the release the TRP’s has risen enormously in just 12 hours and that 10 more producers wanted to sign up with her and is already in line for topping the celebrity charts.

She hung up on him disappointed and went to take a bath but then the thought crossed her mind that what could have been revealed was already revealed and this was less worse as she had no image to get tainted, rather she had earned some more fans sending her letters from prison in their own blood ’she believes’. So she shed her robe and her idea of this being a setback and hummed a tone for a new song for her album which she will be releasing before the heat from last 24 hours dies off.

The frog prince on the other end of the Beverley Hills, laid on his bed already exhausted, after using the tissue box in the bathroom watching the news channel, thought that his birthday wishes were finally getting fulfilled. To bed a celebrity slut and release a controversial tape were already true and this gave a substantial thrust to his future dream of becoming a socialite cum celebrity and then run for Senate elections and hopefully one day the Governor of the “California Ponds United”.

And, so everybody lived Happily ever after.

Read between the lines

Life  has always been an unexplainable and unsolvable mystery for me rather for most of us. Some or the other day we always try to read between the lines and some infer a hell out of it and that changes their life and some are just fine with what is going on in their life and carry on.

I am a confused little bird that keeps on chirping on the branches of life praying and reviving whatever i can, i try to read in between the lines and allow to change myself in some or the other way to suit myself and people surrounding me. But, the cruelty of my life rather the irony of my life is that this change creates no mitigating effect in my life.

But, even though I have no intimidating features or personality or even some hidden talents that  I am unaware of, I am trying to be happy and cheerful and praiseworthy for whatever I have, though it might sound cliche but we live only once and should enjoy our life to the fullest.

I wouldn’t call myself the worthiest and happiest person but, I try to read between the lines and try to find happiness and joy in us and in all the small things that could be supportive or helpful and, whenever I am sad, I eat. I know its a bad way to blow off steam but that’s just my way like anyone else’s. And, there’s always chocolate for overcoming all kinds of depression and believe me its tried and tested that its the most effective way I have come across. It even beats listening to calm music and a subtle spa.

Anyways after blabbering for around 264 words (thanks to wordpress widget) I will now conclude my preachings with a small advice read between the lines and read only the funniest and happiest one’s that make life worth living.

My first post

Today is my first day on wordpress and i am in love with it. I almost deleted my tumblr account today but then i kept it for all my follower. Anyways, i was browsing web on my cell today on my institute wi-fi, ya, did i forget to mention that I am an undergrad student and our institute has a cyber-roam client system where you have to login every time you have to use internet and without logging in you can’t browse web.
So, anyways, whenever i use wi-fi on my phone, my account gets logged out every time there’s a heavy data transfer. I don’t why and it pisses me off a lot when I am reading the paper early in the morning.
Today the day went fine, tried to be as garrulous as I can and had fun in the classes but am hell lot worried about my future.
I have little confidence over GRE because of the projects and research paper thing, and as I think, Adnan since dropping the idea of giving GRE has lost any interest in doing the project we were suppose to do earlier, hope he get’s some sense soon.
Don’t wait on me cause I am a lonely bird flying without aim.
Good night.

New to wordpress

Just started “wordpressing”, i think that’s a word. New here as was a tumblr fanatic, still am but took some friends advice and started working on WordPress and i am happy that its coming out to be good. As new to this blog please don’t be cruel and don’t misjudge me. Just trying to share some happy thought and my philosophy.
Comment if you like it.