My first post

Today is my first day on wordpress and i am in love with it. I almost deleted my tumblr account today but then i kept it for all my follower. Anyways, i was browsing web on my cell today on my institute wi-fi, ya, did i forget to mention that I am an undergrad student and our institute has a cyber-roam client system where you have to login every time you have to use internet and without logging in you can’t browse web.
So, anyways, whenever i use wi-fi on my phone, my account gets logged out every time there’s a heavy data transfer. I don’t why and it pisses me off a lot when I am reading the paper early in the morning.
Today the day went fine, tried to be as garrulous as I can and had fun in the classes but am hell lot worried about my future.
I have little confidence over GRE because of the projects and research paper thing, and as I think, Adnan since dropping the idea of giving GRE has lost any interest in doing the project we were suppose to do earlier, hope he get’s some sense soon.
Don’t wait on me cause I am a lonely bird flying without aim.
Good night.


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