Read between the lines

Life  has always been an unexplainable and unsolvable mystery for me rather for most of us. Some or the other day we always try to read between the lines and some infer a hell out of it and that changes their life and some are just fine with what is going on in their life and carry on.

I am a confused little bird that keeps on chirping on the branches of life praying and reviving whatever i can, i try to read in between the lines and allow to change myself in some or the other way to suit myself and people surrounding me. But, the cruelty of my life rather the irony of my life is that this change creates no mitigating effect in my life.

But, even though I have no intimidating features or personality or even some hidden talents that  I am unaware of, I am trying to be happy and cheerful and praiseworthy for whatever I have, though it might sound cliche but we live only once and should enjoy our life to the fullest.

I wouldn’t call myself the worthiest and happiest person but, I try to read between the lines and try to find happiness and joy in us and in all the small things that could be supportive or helpful and, whenever I am sad, I eat. I know its a bad way to blow off steam but that’s just my way like anyone else’s. And, there’s always chocolate for overcoming all kinds of depression and believe me its tried and tested that its the most effective way I have come across. It even beats listening to calm music and a subtle spa.

Anyways after blabbering for around 264 words (thanks to wordpress widget) I will now conclude my preachings with a small advice read between the lines and read only the funniest and happiest one’s that make life worth living.


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