The idea of life – get inspired

This is my idea of life in 2010. The new me its v.2010 of me and I want the world to be like this. It should be World v.2010. This is why I love this dude. Will Smith is not just a very good actor but far better than what he portrays on the silver screen, he’s a better person in his real life and he changed his life and is ready to change that of others.

So let’s change ourselves and the world around us because its high time that we took some serious thinking and revolutionising.

Why is it that events like Haiti force us to look at the 3rd world under-developed countries like that. I’m not saying i’m a clean slate. I didn’t know about Haiti before myself and I am sad for what happened with those people and poor children.

Lets rake our minds and think, think what it takes to shake our minds and wake us up from the subconscious sleep and the idea that we are awake.


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