Bon Appetite

This goes out to all the foodies and food junkies who like to have rich, hot and good food all the time. This is the movie that made me realize to implement much of my new year resolutions. I was watching it again today and it forced me to ponder how important is food in someone’s life. By defining the type of food a person eats you can guess its attitude, its choice, its style, its couture and its vileness. Food has been predominant in our life since the beginning. Everything revolves around food, even since the birth of life on earth. And, I bet that by knowing the type of food, a child is fed during its growth time and most of its adolescence, you can judge, i mean guess, the type of person he or she will turn out to be. It is a well known saying in India that south Indian people are the most intelligent, diligent  and simple race because they eat the simplest food you can find in gourmet Indian cuisine. I come from Rajasthan in India and it is the land of gourmet cuisine and spices and also has the richest, royal and the most thoughtful cuisine offered by Indians. Its spicy, its rich full of fat and meets up all your dietary needs and most importantly reminds you of  it every time you take a bite of almost anything. Most of the Rajasthani cuisine is royal. This is because Rajasthan was under monarchical rule for a long time and the royal families had great influence on the food culture of the commoners. Be it “Bajare-ki-khichdi” laden with lots of ghee or “Murg-masala” everything sounds so delicious and yummy that i’m biting my tongue and holding my growling stomach painfully. I think the only part missing from the Rajasthani cuisine is sea food; otherwise it would have been the complete and soulful cuisine ever. Picture the red and white tender meat cooked with the richness of almonds and cashew nuts and everything fried in Butter and ghee. Even talking about it makes me slobber all over my t-shirt.

The only thing that has remained a mystery to me is that how come dessert dwelling people like eating raw peppery green chili

overflowing  with Capsaicin acid giving them all kind of stomach problems like dysentery etc. But who’s to say what is good for health. For me anything that tastes good and makes me go zoom is good.

People say they have a sweet tooth. Well i say all my teeth are sweet teeth. I can’t live a day without sweets. My mother a very good cook, cooks like Indian Julia Child perfect in the way she cooks but she doesn’t have the sweet tooth like me, may be she gave all of them to me when she gave birth to me, anyways because she doesn’t like eating sweets, whenever I go back home from my college it’s hard for me to get through my day. By the middle of the day, if I haven’t had at least 2 spoons of sugar I go cranky like a child in a basenet at a crowded fair. So to meet up with my glucose-needs this is what I do. I add lots of sugar to my evening tea and instead of coffee have milk tea with ginger and lots of sugar to calm myself. Ginger in tea is the best thing ever discovered by Indians, another great discovery as Chess and O.

To conclude food is what governs our life, well definitely it does mine and I am not proud of it but I judge people and make apprehensions about them by knowing the type of food they like to eat. So here I am dying for a tub of ice-cream and hoping that my roommate will bring me yogurt from the store (which i don’t like much but is better than nothing). Good night and Bon Appetite.


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