Why can’t I quit?

Today when I picked up the phone my mom bellowed and enraged that why haven’t I called her since two days and, when I told her the usual excuse that I was so busy to call her, she enquired and asked me the most dreading question ever.
She asked me why haven’t I quit, when I promised I wouldn’t do anything for the college committee’s anymore. I had nothing to say but, silence, enduring the dreading silence made me leave the world and off I went to my thought land, again.
The only thing this time bothering me and boggling my mind was that why can’t I quit. It’s like I have AA, something I have to do once everyday. I don’t like to be like this but still?. It has also been claimed and I definitely believe that I also have ADD, and these psychological “diseases” make it hard for me to quit. And make me do these tasks that I don’t want to repeat anymore.
Once again I woke up to my mom asking me that if I am in my dream world again or not?, this shook me up and made me realize that I have just spent my crappy 10 minutes listening to something that my mom might have said, that is saved somewhere in my subconscius mind as my conscius cortex was dipping in the pool of the imaginery land where I often leap on to…………….


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