Sizzling Sizzlers


This is the type of Sizzler I tried to make but since the photo of the sizzler was brutally deleted by my cousin, ironically for whom I made the delicious delight, I had to pick one up from Google. She was in town to meet my mother and her sister trying to take a break from her gruelsome job at a big Indian multinational where she’s made to work for around 8-10 hours a day and is paid less than 3000 dollars a month.
Anyways, I was talking about my sizzler now the one that I made was similar to this one, it had french beans, it had peas, french fries, a lot of cauliflower, a lot of leafy vegetables like spinach, some blue mushrooms and a lot of secret ingredients.
This thing was the second heroic shot I took after the much successful “PANEER TIKKA“, where you grill your scottish cheese soaked in home-made fresh sauce (chutney), for about 9 hours, this soaking should be carried out in a refrigerator. This and all the reheating and warming I do all the time.
Click on the pic and you’ll get to a website with very good recipes for Sizzlers, would like my readers to get up their bums and try and make a healthy meal for themselves and their family and it consumes very less time.


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