What makes people tick?

I have been blogging for over 3 years, though on wordpress I have started blogging just 2 months back but The Da Vince Code, that makes readers tick.
Sometimes or most of the times sex seems to be the penultimate thing that people clicking on blogs want to read but the abyss of the blog world suggests that the things that makes people tick is, how to enlarge their penis’s or last longer, or for girls, how to get orgasms.
Food has also been a subject of keen interest for the bloggers of this century. Myself being a food junkie, I read at least a hundered blogs a month and even multiple blogs for a particular recipe that I’m interested in making.
Another thing that makes people stick or glue their eyes to the screens of their computers or laptops emitting gamma rays is their sadist attitude. The pleasure they take in the pain of the others, or even the pain they have been feeling in the same way like a broken heart or a unsuccessful career, sad life etc, etc. may also be the reason of such condescending reading that the readers have been doing.
What I do and believe most of the people should do is find new blogs and new sites everyday, refer a lot of material before you make decisions. This doesn’t mean that you should stop following the blogs you generally read but it simple means that you should also give others one chance to influence you and help you present his views and sometimes yours in a amicable, readable and not so harshly realistic manner.


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