The Day I Was Ditched

When you read this article and think that the English was too much of a tad then behold, go and read Catcher in the Rye and you’ll get my point. Getting back to the title it was the day I was ditched. I mean I have been ditched before by girls and that’s fine because you don’t expect much from girls before going out but when it comes to boys, especially your close friends, though we don’t express it a lot but we are hurt when our friends ditch us.

I have a very big mouth I know, I am John by the way, anyways as we were talking about my big mouth, so I have a big mouth coz I talk about almost everything to everyone. Sometimes it’s very hard for me to conceive what to say in front of whom and what not. But when it comes to your best friends, you don’t expect this to be a problem because there aren’t supposed to be any secrets as I have been told, but because of my big mouth people generally curtail or ration on the secrets they tell me.

Anyways my friends told me something’s may be because of the slip of tongue they had, or they really wanted to tell me is a real mystery to me. So they told me some thing’s and because of my big mouth the pretty secretive and not-to-be-discussed publicly stuff found its way out in the public.

I didn’t know it was a big deal then because they do it to me pretty much the same way and I am not saying I was taking revenge or something but it just came to my mind, but when we were supposed to go out the other day after I spat out the crap, they ditched me. I mean not all of them but the ditching idea came from the least expected dude in our group or I supposed I was in the group because ditching has been pretty much the idea they had been associating with me.

They ditch me almost all the time it seems I’m the third wheel in the group, the unnecessary dressing that’s added to the cob-salad, but I still try to be with some people especially these guys coz these are the best ones around. But this time the ditching was taken to new heights as I was invited by some from the group and as soon as I stepped out of the door, they ditched me, I mean they told me bluntly to go away as they wanted to talk about some secretive stuff as if they were from Pentagon and were planning to bomb Iran, and I really wanted to go out as the food in the mess was really crap and eating out with them was the only option. Listening to this was like someone was pouring vinegar in my wounds and then stabbing them with salted knives. But that’s fine coz I don’t take things much too my heart. Sometimes I think I’m dumb enough not to see what’s happening around but then my brain tells me it’s just the situation that makes me forget the little things.

After all the bickering, I would clear the motif of my article, this article is for all the pathetic people with really cool people around you s don’t try to cope up with them. Just try to go with the flow. And, if you have a big mouth, then don’t make close friends, anyways you won’t have any and you should have figured it out by now. If the group ditches you all the time then ditch the group, I couldn’t do it because I’ve spent more than 3 years of my golden period with those people and, all of them are not bad, it’s just I’m too scared of losing friends and not being able to make new, good ones. They say you can choose your family but can’t choose your friends, I say they are wrong, some time’s you just have to ignore the marks and remarks and carry on and tag along as they are the least crappiest of all the rotten apples.


3 comments on “The Day I Was Ditched

  1. I would rather stay out of this…but nice article….and frm what I know about every1 and as a third party>>> no1 from us will ever have an intention to ditch ne1 else…& listen to ur brain..its kinda smarter than ur heart…

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