Where are my readers?

I might seem pathetic but the previous day I had like a hundered visitor’s(well, 16 is the best i’ve done in a day), and today there was only 1 visitor and that too was obviously my friend, you know, because that’s our thing, we read each other’s blogs and boost each other’s morals, but he mostly does it coz I am lazy and people the reason I am writing this is because i am really sad.

There are no visitors anymore, why do you always have to typecast my blog and keep it for a particular genre, I mean I wanna do tech as well as alternative or humor, I mean I am passionate for both, but the trend of readers of people visiting my blog is making me choose between these genre’s which has become like an uglier version of Sophie’s choice.

Also my mid Semester exams are going on and I am worried about number of people visiting my site instead of worrying about my studies and grades, what’s happening to me, how pathetic am I?

Hope, people will like my blog despite the fact that it features all kind of gibberish, hey, I have an idea my blog can be like a one stop place to get all the info and have fun and tingle and what ever fuck you want.

If you like the idea comment and give me ideas pertaining to the pretext so that I can my blog more attractive.


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