They say if you give out positive energy it’ll def come back to you and it is so true. This year my aim was to be happy and convivial whatever the case may be, some thought I had become phony but I don’t care now as I think more positively now.

This year I tried to give out as much positive energy as I could and got much less frustrated than before, i mean less easily than before as to fulfill my new year resolution.

The first thing I did was changed my attitude towards life, tried to be happy with even the smallest good thing that happened to me. I stopped being an emo and the second thing I did was change my outlook towards life and thus changed the whole concept of my blog as you might know (my dear and beloved followers). This helped me a lot. I changed the way I looked at things.

The year started with millions of rejections pounding on me but I still gave out positive energy and as they said, be positive, stay positive and something good will happen to you, I don’t wanna jinx it but damn good energy and vibes started coming back and surprisingly it didn’t take much time.

The jist of the bickering is be positive, stay positive and keep trying, something good will definitely come your way.


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