Right to Education and India


In a historic movement the Indian government passed the much coveted and needed law of Right to Education, this was the most aspired civilian rights act after Right to Information (RTI). This bill come into effect from today 1st April, 2010. By doing this, India has joined the group of select few elite’s. “Elite’s” because this is something very basic that is needed to ensure proper development of nation and give a thrust to the development of its society and the civilization. Hats off to Cabinet Minister Dr. Kapil Sibbal. This bill is one of his most  aspired projects and he promises that he has more eggs in his basket to offer to the people of India.

Though I am much of a libertarian but I would like to state that UPA v.2.0 has been doing much better work than any other government India has ever seen. Our Prime Minister is the most educated world leader ever and a group of people sitting on 10 Janpath this time don’t seem to be much disconnected from the common and young voice of India.

Right to Education bill will ensure proper and careful provision of education to each and every child, infact Right to Education is now one of the basic civil rights that Indian citizens will posses. A country where illiteracy rate though continuously declining every year is still around 65%(till 2009) certainly deserves this laudable step-up from UPA government. This bill also ensures proper development of India and promises much educated and informed labor which is very important for a developing country like India to fulfill its dream of becoming a super-power by 2020.

To know more about this act visit : http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/education-is-now-a-fundamental-right-of-every-child-18878.php


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