When the papers and media  were rocking the news that Ricky’s gay, i thought that in the back of my mind I always knew that something’s wrong with that Dude. When I  first saw his song I thought either he’s sex addict or he’s gay and as I was forced to see more of his songs, I am a gaydar and I can sense that who’s gay and who’s not.

My sister was heart broken when she heard it, she changed her wall from Ricky to a sad emo and was sad the whole day, but may be she also knew that something was fishing in that dish.

That guy reeked of gayness, he wore weird clothes, he danced like Shakira and to be honest his songs were also almost kinda gay.

My message to people is don’t worry, though Ricky is gay but there are various other fishes in the sea to be fished and then dished. You know what I mean, I don’t wanna sound too much corny.

By harshit151989 Posted in SHIT

2 comments on “RICKY MARTIN’S GAY!!! – DUH

  1. Dude,
    u wrote: always knew that something’s “wrong” with that Dude….. do u really think being gay is wrong, that wrong guy is rich, successful, fathered two boys
    anyways call urself “gaydar” in “hindsight”, world would not care 🙂
    an advice: just open ur mind.

    • Thank you for pointing out my mistake by wrong I meant something different, I have nothing against a gay person or a community as a whole, in fact I am a total supporter of gay rights and their equal infusion and assimilation in community. And gay people are different in their social behavior as compared to a heterosexual being.

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