I am posting after very long time and sorry for the delay but it has been delight to login a day or two on WordPress that even though I am not blogging but people are still looking at my blog and waiting for fresh updates and here I am again posting another thought that makes me crappy. Why do people expect so much from each other, be it relationship, be it work be it success. From what I think and fits completely true to the situation is the old Indian saying that ‘Continue doing the effort and don’t wait for the results’ coz if you work hard enough you are bound to get good results.

This thought came to my mind as people always keep on telling me that I have let them down and have not met upto their expectations and this is horrifying as I don’t have expectations from others like they do from me, according to me the less we expect the lesser we get disappointed and heart broken.

I don’t mean to disappoint people and break their expectations but I would be really grateful if people took a little timeout and thought that I am human too and have my limitations and can’t be so damn satisfying all the time. This I think applies  to most of us and my heart goes out to all those people who have disappointed their near and dear ones, as some times there are somethings that you just have to do.

By harshit151989 Posted in SHIT

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