Free to work

I know many of my friends in Germany and are carrying out their work very nicely and enjoying the awesome work culture that is yet missing in Indian ethos. But when I came to IISc Bangalore, I was amazed and awed by the work culture here and the support system provided by fellow workers and the faculty.

I have chosen this title, though I know it is not eye-catching or a brain twister but it perfectly describes the thoughts that have been shuttering my mind. I like to be free when I work and I like it when I like the type of work I am doing. Researches are showing that the number of students opting for higher studies and number of students getting into research has drastically increased in the last decade. As evident from a 14 year old’s statement who cleared IIT-JEE that he wants to be an astrophysicist and wants to do intensive research in his field.

This research clearly shows that people want to be free while they are working and they don’t want someone breathing down their neck all the time. It is a well-known fact that those who vouchsafe corporate culture and specially those on the lower level of the pyramid mostly hate their job and all the hypocrisy involved with it. Whereas a researcher other than meeting up with the deadline has complete freedom whatsoever of the way he completes his work.

Research and development of more and more economic and sustainable technologies has become more and more important in the light of these disastrous and humongous worldwide phenomenons like global warming, recession etc. Though recession has hampered a bit the investment infused by the industries in research institutes but it is becoming more and more important to carry out rigorous and valuable research all the time.

Not to bypass the idea and to come back on justifying my statement I would like to say that the field of R&D gives you total freedom and an non-hostile and friendly work space. The only thing researchers have to take care of is their deadlines. The money infused and the pay has also become lucrative and very attractive. But mind it, this all might seem very tempting but the field of research is not for everyone. This is because it requires constant work ethics and discipline management maintenance. This also requires the basic understanding of the subject that you are interested in, which is very hard to find these days because of the shallow, mind-numbing and money-minded educational system.

To sum up, corporate culture might be good for some people but it’s not good enough for me and what seems best to me is the field of research I mean even corporate research is a good option as the funding there is pretty handful and good enough for your sustenance. Entrepreneurship is another good option and in my opinion it is kind of research that you are just applying and giving something to the society.  So next time when you are filling out forms and choosing your career, think again and give it a thought that people hankering you for some filled up sheets and completed programs is something that you want from life.


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