iPhone 4

Yesterday Steve Jobs inaugurated in his much sensational and awesome press conference the iPhone 4, a state of the art smartphone and this delectable device it seems is suppose to bring reclusion to tech and especially Apple geeks.

This new iPhone in the series of the much coveted iPhone offers, better screen quality (356 pixels) better than the human eye(350 pixels) can detect. Also, as Steve Jobs pointed out and to quote him “They said we are a little late to come up with multitasking but if you don’t do it right you just exhaust the battery”. And Apple research and development team has paid real attention to the battery consumption time for multitasking phones as the battery time in the new iPhone is far better than other competitive devices from Google, HTC, Nokia etc.

As always Apple has provided its fans with another eye-candy with glass panels in front and back and stainless steel band in between it is a real piece of marvel that makes you drool over the new Apple product.

The iPhone 4 for obvious comes loaded with iOS 4. This is highly powerful technology that provides full user support, what makes using this highly helpful is the media support, media manipulation and media organisation.

I don’t want to bore you anymore with my review and would want you to read it yourself :


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