Price HIKE !!!!!

Price hike, a phenomenon that has destroyed and uprooted the mere presence of possibility of development from countries with richest and  most potential due to the demon of destruction, price rise. Indian market and consumers have been dealing with price rise since a decade and the rate has accelerated since past 5 years.

Escalated food prices, reducing reliability, only thing getting cheap is pirated goods, but the problem is there’s nothing like pirated food, if yes then price rise wouldn’t have been there.

Indian government today decontrolled fuel prices

PETROL : Rs. 3.5

DIESEL : Rs. 2




Big fish eating the small worhtless fish

Besides recession people have already lots to deal with, increasing work pressure, pollution, hostile surroundings and now this. The first thing when you see this that comes to your mind is What The Fuck? And to top this blatant and veracious act the Empowered GOM (Group of Ministers) think that Indians are ready to take up this burden.Well dear ministers, you know what FUCK YOU!

This is not the UPA I voted for, I voted for the government that before elections in its long rallies promised me cheap food, development, less tensions and balanced, and holistic development, where the fuck is the peace and development, I didn’t vote for a bunch of money munching, bald, brainless goons, sitting in a Air Conditioned office thinking that “Indian citizens” are ready to bear the price rise.

Us Indians have this habit of generalizing ideas and concepts, especially economic stability which in India varies more than its cultural, lingual and geographical diversity. Like in this case these elected and “privileged” people think that since due to their successful business for past 7 years everyone else has also been prospering like their tummies and their voluminous bank accounts.

Mr. Ministers this is not a joke this is the pockets of your brother and sisters that you are tapping and actually draining them dry, our hard earned money has been wasted due to ill-management at the top.

Indian government and its ministers are nothing but a bunch of ill-educated and ill-informed goons who it seems like are conducting heartless, rather anesthesia-less experiments to check the crushing level and patience. And as always though people keep talking about retaliating and protesting but we all know none of us has the balls to lead a procession and show them that we are the ones who chose them not the other way round.

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2 comments on “Price HIKE !!!!!

  1. Man, you really are pissed off.

    I believe that the short term impact on the prices would be reversed in the long term. One has to recognize that the current policies that we are having of financing under recoveries by the government, that itself is inflationary because the government has to raise that money either by taxes or through printing money or something which all creates inflation.

    The below article will give you a different perspective on this issue.

    • Thanks for the link, it was the first one that gave a little positive spin towards the situation, but I’ll still be looking forward what other consolidating and immediate actions government will take to take care of price rise.

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