Why people hate me?

CAUTION : Due to certain comments I received I would like to point out read this as a humorous and hilarious take on this serious issue.

That’s a question that has been baffling me more than “Global Warming” considering I’m a hardcore environmentalist.

You hate me

Bed wetting hate

So why do people hate me. The first thing that comes to my mind is obviously, “they are intimidated by me” and sometimes it’s true but not mostly. The thing that’s always the reason, and it comes last to my mind and that is may be because I’m irritating, but how can that be true, right?

Being hated by people is always advantageous both psychologically and physically. See, when people hate you, they don’t come too much and often, near you or don’t approach you a lot, so you always have a huge supply of oxygen as compared to those with huge number of friends (they have to suck hot CO2 exhaled by their “friends”). It’s good thermodynamically too, as, there is a huge amount of cool air around you that keeps you “cool”, literally.

Psychologically its good because, as I mentioned before you think people are intimidated by you and thus you feel superior to others which is always a good thing, right? People around you need to understand that you are “special”, I sometimes have a doubt I am an alien dropped on this planet to teach poor earthlings about life and how to live it.

But this attitude is not always prevalent, as some people who are baffled by the same question, like US President (pick anyone), a stray dog, a penguin and a 14-year-old teenage girl going through puberty. They sometimes get depressed when they ponder upon the issue and go on the path of self destruction like, attacking on other countries and calling almost everyone terrorist except Pakistan, running behind cars, people who you think hate you, and many more. Drugs are just a part of these, and personally taking drugs is not a path of self-destruction but a path of finding NIRVANA, if doses are monitored carefully.



To get back on the point; there are multitudes of arguments and almost no universal solution to this problem. I know of only one, which I have tried is that try to avoid people who hate you, you might end up alone, which is sad, but not as sad as living with them and then think that you are the most awesomest person in the world even though you suck (like some people do, Steve Jobs, that MICROSOFT guy etc., Pamela Anderson, Tyra Banks etc.).


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