When the foot-over-bridge near the “NEHRU SPORTS COMPLEX” collapsed, first thing I tried to find out was the number of fatalities, and was happy to find, that there were none. But 19 workers there, were injured. This incident made me think less in the direction of the “SHAME WEALTH GAMES” and more about; what about the fatalities due to these unwanted incidents during civil works?



Two things came to my mind, firstly the picture of  my uncle who died in Kargil, being brave and fighting terrorists, and how his family received ultimate respect from the government, butt load of money, and lots of advantages here and there, which is obvious and non-debatable. Secondly, the picture that came to my mind was of the construction workers who died due to the bridge collapse during “METRO” construction again in NEW DELHI. What did Indian government offer their families? Nothing, but 3 lakh INR compensation. WHAT THE FUCK? Isn’t human life, that of a soldier and a civilian equally important (no offense to any army official). NOTE : THE TOTAL NUMBER OF DEATHS DURING METRO CONSTRUCTION ARE 109.

Aren’t we, in this age, fighting for equal human rights? Then why is it so that when a  “neta” dies even after killing scores of people and doing butt-load of crimes with all kinds of black money stuffed up his ass gets a full and proper patriotic funeral as provided to a freedom fighter or an army-man. Are they equal? Not in million years can anyone denounce the fact that a life given by GOD is as precious and important as any on this planet Earth, then why this favoritism?

Aren’t we becoming too much of a non-egalitarian society though trying to be otherwise? Why can’t a civil worker, get the proper respected funeral after his/her death while serving the society working on construction civil sites. They don’t die due to their negligence. They die due to negligence of those fat-bastards stuffing French-fries and burgers down their slimy throat.

What we need is a system respecting lives of all equally. An egalitarian attitude towards the value of life on this planet. Especially in India, where classless society seems like an unbelievable dream. We need to value everyone’s life equally. We should pay same amount of respect to anyone who’s working towards the betterment of society be it a construction worker building a bridge or a soldier fighting on the border. In a country like India, I think a construction worker lives under much harder conditions and provides almost equally important service to the society.

So why don’t we respect their service? Is it just because they belong to the lower strata of the society. Please think about it and let me know what you think.



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