Blood Hounds

P.S. : Something very personal and close to my heart, please be sensitive to this, and I hope you can’t connect to it.

Cut me, hurt me, kill me I’m so bad; sinner I am, I fight, I scream, I shout, the love in me is profound.

Hate me, hurt me, I’m still around, I’m still abound, I’m wrong, still strong.

I’m not backing down, turn on me; change the voices in my head.

Shatter the glass, empty the jug, refill the acid, fuel with vinegar.



Undying souls are trying so hard, free us satan, cry, cry, cry;

So hungry, ready to devour, weaklings roam the planet, hurt and pathetic they prowl.

Cut me, bleed me, empty my veins, fill them with vinegar, how bad can it be?

I spew acid, I spew pain, I spread hatred, all disdain.

Love, touch, smile, all emotions wasted,

Garbage bags filled with hopes and dreams, filled with one’s pursuit for dreams unstated

Creamy and foamy, sheik and classy demons abound us, all around us

Suck the blood out of our veins, hurt us, at least less than our loved ones

Horns on your head, tail on your back, hide it as bad as you can

I can see them from even from miles away, the evil you are, less than what I imagined it could be

It’s far less because my tail is longer than you,

My wallet is filled with the golden shillings; give it to the rower to take you back

Fire, heat, burning sensations, better than the touch of the ones around

The wounds of the former heal quicker than that of the latter ones

Hounds scratch my doors, paw marks all over my door and face,

My soul is scarred, stretch marks from your loss, and blood stains on the sheets

Your touch, the warmth of your breath down my neck is all I crave

Hate me, hit me, make it hurt, throw me around, toss me around

A shot in the arm is easy to take than one in the heart, and a dagger in the back



Something’s I have always wanted

Something’s I can never have

Sometimes I cry

I don’t know why

I have a pain in my chest

I don’t know why

I am trying to march

But something is pulling me back, ripping me apart

I don’t know what’s holding me back, creating these cracks

SOS! Someone please come and save me I don’t want to fade away

What if I do know what it is

What if there really is something to deal with

I have been fighting with my demons

But it’s becoming hard,

Some kind of darkness is taking over

SOS! Please light a candle someone please illuminate and get rid of this darkness, these fears

What’s hiding behind the façade

No one tries to find out

I am scared

Scared of losing the real me,

Behind these shabby lights

SOS! Someone please save me I don’t want to lose the real me

I worry if someone cares

I am almost sure no one does

They are all duped by him

They don’t know the voices, the screaming’s, the shrieks

They don’t know there’s someone hurting behind this promising facade

SOS! Will you please ask me, Who am I

Who am I

Who am I

Who am I


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