Permanence of Happiness!

When i was a kid i was told, “your purpose in life is to provide and be happy about it”.



Life was never discussed as something fluid, something that takes it course and lets you flow around but was explained as an incident, an instance that happens to you when it happens, and these instances these moments, summed up make your life. But it was always expressed that these instances of past or present are what will define you and your future, which makes it altogether paradoxical as life then automatically becomes fluid.

If these instances are what defines our present and our future then permanence of happiness is not just a myth but a complete lie told to us by the world. Life as it takes its course, sets things into motion unknown to us, like a huge domino of which we can’t see the end but we know will end up in a loud thunderous fall.

But an evaluation of life (maybe during midlife crisis) makes you weigh your options, is happiness your final aim or is it satisfaction that helps you attain Nirvana? Though sometimes stated as the same thing, satisfaction and happiness are two different emotions and result in different kind of emotional triggers.

Satisfaction, an emotion of desire, maybe more than happiness to some is the universal king of emotions. Satisfaction is a sense of completeness, a sense of being healthy, a sense of stagnation, a sense of relativity. It helps us survey the world and not compare our life with it being a parameter of evaluation. It helps us realise that life is mortal and mostly unimportant to others. It never makes us question our decision as the instances that occurred or the flow behind us that pushed to this point is the point of nirvana, a point of satisfaction. A state of calm, a harbinger of peace. It’s an emotion that works like a dam, it stops the flow of life but draws the power of its potential and makes it work for you.

Happiness, though most popular and most sought after emotion is not the king of emotions. It’s not permanent, it’s not stagnant, you can’t stop it, its fluid like life, but relative, it flows ahead of you and may meet up with you later while you are busy fighting the waves and trying to be afloat. Happiness doesn’t stay with you like a loved partner, its like a loved one who doesn’t love you back. It’s like a mother who doesn’t nurse, its like a gust of wind which rustles you up but is suddenly gone in seconds. Happiness is generally the root of all evil. It is like a shot of energy as when inhaled causes utter sunshine in life but when lost crashes badly and brings out the worst in humanity.

Happiness shouldn’t be sought after, as it will always comes and goes in our life. Satisfaction, though an emotion impossible to be permanent in an ever-changing world of emotions, is something to cherish and to harbinger. Happiness makes man go on quests which sometimes lead to the fall of civilization, whereas satisfaction is a quest that defines not just us but the society, the people around us. Satisfaction is like the love that never leaves us, once attained, its like the air that’s always around you.

Thus in my life i seek to attain a level of satisfaction and not permanence of happiness. What do you seek?


Why people hate me?

CAUTION : Due to certain comments I received I would like to point out read this as a humorous and hilarious take on this serious issue.

That’s a question that has been baffling me more than “Global Warming” considering I’m a hardcore environmentalist.

You hate me

Bed wetting hate

So why do people hate me. The first thing that comes to my mind is obviously, “they are intimidated by me” and sometimes it’s true but not mostly. The thing that’s always the reason, and it comes last to my mind and that is may be because I’m irritating, but how can that be true, right?

Being hated by people is always advantageous both psychologically and physically. See, when people hate you, they don’t come too much and often, near you or don’t approach you a lot, so you always have a huge supply of oxygen as compared to those with huge number of friends (they have to suck hot CO2 exhaled by their “friends”). It’s good thermodynamically too, as, there is a huge amount of cool air around you that keeps you “cool”, literally.

Psychologically its good because, as I mentioned before you think people are intimidated by you and thus you feel superior to others which is always a good thing, right? People around you need to understand that you are “special”, I sometimes have a doubt I am an alien dropped on this planet to teach poor earthlings about life and how to live it.

But this attitude is not always prevalent, as some people who are baffled by the same question, like US President (pick anyone), a stray dog, a penguin and a 14-year-old teenage girl going through puberty. They sometimes get depressed when they ponder upon the issue and go on the path of self destruction like, attacking on other countries and calling almost everyone terrorist except Pakistan, running behind cars, people who you think hate you, and many more. Drugs are just a part of these, and personally taking drugs is not a path of self-destruction but a path of finding NIRVANA, if doses are monitored carefully.



To get back on the point; there are multitudes of arguments and almost no universal solution to this problem. I know of only one, which I have tried is that try to avoid people who hate you, you might end up alone, which is sad, but not as sad as living with them and then think that you are the most awesomest person in the world even though you suck (like some people do, Steve Jobs, that MICROSOFT guy etc., Pamela Anderson, Tyra Banks etc.).

Price HIKE !!!!!

Price hike, a phenomenon that has destroyed and uprooted the mere presence of possibility of development from countries with richest and  most potential due to the demon of destruction, price rise. Indian market and consumers have been dealing with price rise since a decade and the rate has accelerated since past 5 years.

Escalated food prices, reducing reliability, only thing getting cheap is pirated goods, but the problem is there’s nothing like pirated food, if yes then price rise wouldn’t have been there.

Indian government today decontrolled fuel prices

PETROL : Rs. 3.5

DIESEL : Rs. 2




Big fish eating the small worhtless fish

Besides recession people have already lots to deal with, increasing work pressure, pollution, hostile surroundings and now this. The first thing when you see this that comes to your mind is What The Fuck? And to top this blatant and veracious act the Empowered GOM (Group of Ministers) think that Indians are ready to take up this burden.Well dear ministers, you know what FUCK YOU!

This is not the UPA I voted for, I voted for the government that before elections in its long rallies promised me cheap food, development, less tensions and balanced, and holistic development, where the fuck is the peace and development, I didn’t vote for a bunch of money munching, bald, brainless goons, sitting in a Air Conditioned office thinking that “Indian citizens” are ready to bear the price rise.

Us Indians have this habit of generalizing ideas and concepts, especially economic stability which in India varies more than its cultural, lingual and geographical diversity. Like in this case these elected and “privileged” people think that since due to their successful business for past 7 years everyone else has also been prospering like their tummies and their voluminous bank accounts.

Mr. Ministers this is not a joke this is the pockets of your brother and sisters that you are tapping and actually draining them dry, our hard earned money has been wasted due to ill-management at the top.

Indian government and its ministers are nothing but a bunch of ill-educated and ill-informed goons who it seems like are conducting heartless, rather anesthesia-less experiments to check the crushing level and patience. And as always though people keep talking about retaliating and protesting but we all know none of us has the balls to lead a procession and show them that we are the ones who chose them not the other way round.

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iPhone 4

Yesterday Steve Jobs inaugurated in his much sensational and awesome press conference the iPhone 4, a state of the art smartphone and this delectable device it seems is suppose to bring reclusion to tech and especially Apple geeks.

This new iPhone in the series of the much coveted iPhone offers, better screen quality (356 pixels) better than the human eye(350 pixels) can detect. Also, as Steve Jobs pointed out and to quote him “They said we are a little late to come up with multitasking but if you don’t do it right you just exhaust the battery”. And Apple research and development team has paid real attention to the battery consumption time for multitasking phones as the battery time in the new iPhone is far better than other competitive devices from Google, HTC, Nokia etc.

As always Apple has provided its fans with another eye-candy with glass panels in front and back and stainless steel band in between it is a real piece of marvel that makes you drool over the new Apple product.

The iPhone 4 for obvious comes loaded with iOS 4. This is highly powerful technology that provides full user support, what makes using this highly helpful is the media support, media manipulation and media organisation.

I don’t want to bore you anymore with my review and would want you to read it yourself :

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This song is fly

This song is awesome, I mean the lyrics are raucous, but in a good gamely manner and not in  an encumbering manner.

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I am posting after very long time and sorry for the delay but it has been delight to login a day or two on WordPress that even though I am not blogging but people are still looking at my blog and waiting for fresh updates and here I am again posting another thought that makes me crappy. Why do people expect so much from each other, be it relationship, be it work be it success. From what I think and fits completely true to the situation is the old Indian saying that ‘Continue doing the effort and don’t wait for the results’ coz if you work hard enough you are bound to get good results.

This thought came to my mind as people always keep on telling me that I have let them down and have not met upto their expectations and this is horrifying as I don’t have expectations from others like they do from me, according to me the less we expect the lesser we get disappointed and heart broken.

I don’t mean to disappoint people and break their expectations but I would be really grateful if people took a little timeout and thought that I am human too and have my limitations and can’t be so damn satisfying all the time. This I think applies  to most of us and my heart goes out to all those people who have disappointed their near and dear ones, as some times there are somethings that you just have to do.

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When the papers and media  were rocking the news that Ricky’s gay, i thought that in the back of my mind I always knew that something’s wrong with that Dude. When I  first saw his song I thought either he’s sex addict or he’s gay and as I was forced to see more of his songs, I am a gaydar and I can sense that who’s gay and who’s not.

My sister was heart broken when she heard it, she changed her wall from Ricky to a sad emo and was sad the whole day, but may be she also knew that something was fishing in that dish.

That guy reeked of gayness, he wore weird clothes, he danced like Shakira and to be honest his songs were also almost kinda gay.

My message to people is don’t worry, though Ricky is gay but there are various other fishes in the sea to be fished and then dished. You know what I mean, I don’t wanna sound too much corny.

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They say if you give out positive energy it’ll def come back to you and it is so true. This year my aim was to be happy and convivial whatever the case may be, some thought I had become phony but I don’t care now as I think more positively now.

This year I tried to give out as much positive energy as I could and got much less frustrated than before, i mean less easily than before as to fulfill my new year resolution.

The first thing I did was changed my attitude towards life, tried to be happy with even the smallest good thing that happened to me. I stopped being an emo and the second thing I did was change my outlook towards life and thus changed the whole concept of my blog as you might know (my dear and beloved followers). This helped me a lot. I changed the way I looked at things.

The year started with millions of rejections pounding on me but I still gave out positive energy and as they said, be positive, stay positive and something good will happen to you, I don’t wanna jinx it but damn good energy and vibes started coming back and surprisingly it didn’t take much time.

The jist of the bickering is be positive, stay positive and keep trying, something good will definitely come your way.

Where are my readers?

I might seem pathetic but the previous day I had like a hundered visitor’s(well, 16 is the best i’ve done in a day), and today there was only 1 visitor and that too was obviously my friend, you know, because that’s our thing, we read each other’s blogs and boost each other’s morals, but he mostly does it coz I am lazy and people the reason I am writing this is because i am really sad.

There are no visitors anymore, why do you always have to typecast my blog and keep it for a particular genre, I mean I wanna do tech as well as alternative or humor, I mean I am passionate for both, but the trend of readers of people visiting my blog is making me choose between these genre’s which has become like an uglier version of Sophie’s choice.

Also my mid Semester exams are going on and I am worried about number of people visiting my site instead of worrying about my studies and grades, what’s happening to me, how pathetic am I?

Hope, people will like my blog despite the fact that it features all kind of gibberish, hey, I have an idea my blog can be like a one stop place to get all the info and have fun and tingle and what ever fuck you want.

If you like the idea comment and give me ideas pertaining to the pretext so that I can my blog more attractive.