Why is it asked to hold the metaphorical prism up to your eyes and look at the world; is it because the prism scatters the light and shows you various, vivid, lovely colours that make up the bland white illuminating light? According to me the prism is meant for us to see vivid colours or characteristics that a fellow human being is made up of. But we have to ask one thing, are we holding the prism properly? Whenever someone mentions the prism I start thinking of the Pink Floyd album cover for their album “The Dark Side of the Moon”. The design was chosen because it represented three elements; the band’s stage lighting, the album lyrics, and Richard Wright’s request for a “simple and bold” design. Thus the idea behind the choice was to explain various characteristics that made up the band, their strengths and their power.

Let’s ask one thing, are we holding the prism right, are we really trying to know and understand the person we are holding judgement of or are we just fragmenting his properties so that we can judge the fellow earth dweller and make it easier for us to create the picture? Let’s also ask why is it easier to pick on people and judge them by their worst and not love them for their best. Why is it that we see the colours we hate first and not the colours we love the last?

Are you still searching for an answer, I guess you already have one, now rethink it. Is it just because it’s more convenient and effortless to just keep away and not get involved and understand the situation, understand the person in question, their likes, their dislikes, their very mere existence on this planet. Being the narcissist we are, we always wonder why have been put on this planet, what is the need, but


The Prism

do we ever care to ask, why others are here as well? Why do we co-exist? Does their existence affect my life, why do they hold a control over my life, directly or indirectly?

The answers to all these questions are very complex and have been pondered upon by the greatest and weakest of minds on this planet, then again who am I to decide who has better or lesser mind. Is it really my place to judge? Freud connected everything to latent sexual fantasy of the human subconscious, but is it really the case. Do I really hate the people I do because I want to have sex with them badly?

The mere human emotions of hate, love, fear, peace etc., can also be seen as the dispersion of the human response towards the people he/she is surrounded by which can be interpreted as the spectrum of colours and the white light as the final emotion we present to the human being under the lens of judgement.

I am not saying that we should not intercept people or try to decode their complex persona but to judge them and let them know that they are wrong on a particular front because you think is so, is wrong according to me.

This post doesn’t discuss or is not meant to answer the questions that I have in my conscious, subconscious mind. But is to put forward the ideas I have. I just want to put forward these ideas and drop them in this world, the infinite abyss. But, I request you to consider this the next time you meet someone, please try to understand the person, try to know what he/she is made up of, what are his/her strengths, what are his/her weaknesses and if you see more bad qualities then the good ones, try to help, not judge, or simply just walk away. This according to me is the perfect human, societal behaviour.

People please show solidarity to all the cancer patients. Lend a helping hand and join hands to the fight against cancer and help someone suffering from cancer.
Help them recover, get life back on track. Dedicate your life to the dream of a world without cancer.

Cancer Month

People please show solidarity to all the cancer patient and raise a hand and join hands to the fight against cancer and help someone suffering from cancer.
Help them recover, get life back on track. Dedicate your life to the dream of a world without cancer.


When the foot-over-bridge near the “NEHRU SPORTS COMPLEX” collapsed, first thing I tried to find out was the number of fatalities, and was happy to find, that there were none. But 19 workers there, were injured. This incident made me think less in the direction of the “SHAME WEALTH GAMES” and more about; what about the fatalities due to these unwanted incidents during civil works?



Two things came to my mind, firstly the picture of  my uncle who died in Kargil, being brave and fighting terrorists, and how his family received ultimate respect from the government, butt load of money, and lots of advantages here and there, which is obvious and non-debatable. Secondly, the picture that came to my mind was of the construction workers who died due to the bridge collapse during “METRO” construction again in NEW DELHI. What did Indian government offer their families? Nothing, but 3 lakh INR compensation. WHAT THE FUCK? Isn’t human life, that of a soldier and a civilian equally important (no offense to any army official). NOTE : THE TOTAL NUMBER OF DEATHS DURING METRO CONSTRUCTION ARE 109.

Aren’t we, in this age, fighting for equal human rights? Then why is it so that when a  “neta” dies even after killing scores of people and doing butt-load of crimes with all kinds of black money stuffed up his ass gets a full and proper patriotic funeral as provided to a freedom fighter or an army-man. Are they equal? Not in million years can anyone denounce the fact that a life given by GOD is as precious and important as any on this planet Earth, then why this favoritism?

Aren’t we becoming too much of a non-egalitarian society though trying to be otherwise? Why can’t a civil worker, get the proper respected funeral after his/her death while serving the society working on construction civil sites. They don’t die due to their negligence. They die due to negligence of those fat-bastards stuffing French-fries and burgers down their slimy throat.

What we need is a system respecting lives of all equally. An egalitarian attitude towards the value of life on this planet. Especially in India, where classless society seems like an unbelievable dream. We need to value everyone’s life equally. We should pay same amount of respect to anyone who’s working towards the betterment of society be it a construction worker building a bridge or a soldier fighting on the border. In a country like India, I think a construction worker lives under much harder conditions and provides almost equally important service to the society.

So why don’t we respect their service? Is it just because they belong to the lower strata of the society. Please think about it and let me know what you think.


Rolling Stone reveals the joys of vamp sex (via The Marquee Blog)

Well I have never seen TRUE BLOOD, but I believe, vamp sex is truly awesome.

If you watch “True Blood,” there really isn’t much on the latest cover of Rolling Stone that you haven’t already seen before, rivulets and spatters of blood included. The hit HBO show is known for unabashedly delving into a mix of blood, sex and violence that even at its most disturbing – as some called the scene from an earlier season three episode, in which Bill literally made Lorena’s head spin in the bedroom – it leaves viewers thirsting for … Read More

via The Marquee Blog

Free to work

I know many of my friends in Germany and are carrying out their work very nicely and enjoying the awesome work culture that is yet missing in Indian ethos. But when I came to IISc Bangalore, I was amazed and awed by the work culture here and the support system provided by fellow workers and the faculty.

I have chosen this title, though I know it is not eye-catching or a brain twister but it perfectly describes the thoughts that have been shuttering my mind. I like to be free when I work and I like it when I like the type of work I am doing. Researches are showing that the number of students opting for higher studies and number of students getting into research has drastically increased in the last decade. As evident from a 14 year old’s statement who cleared IIT-JEE that he wants to be an astrophysicist and wants to do intensive research in his field.

This research clearly shows that people want to be free while they are working and they don’t want someone breathing down their neck all the time. It is a well-known fact that those who vouchsafe corporate culture and specially those on the lower level of the pyramid mostly hate their job and all the hypocrisy involved with it. Whereas a researcher other than meeting up with the deadline has complete freedom whatsoever of the way he completes his work.

Research and development of more and more economic and sustainable technologies has become more and more important in the light of these disastrous and humongous worldwide phenomenons like global warming, recession etc. Though recession has hampered a bit the investment infused by the industries in research institutes but it is becoming more and more important to carry out rigorous and valuable research all the time.

Not to bypass the idea and to come back on justifying my statement I would like to say that the field of R&D gives you total freedom and an non-hostile and friendly work space. The only thing researchers have to take care of is their deadlines. The money infused and the pay has also become lucrative and very attractive. But mind it, this all might seem very tempting but the field of research is not for everyone. This is because it requires constant work ethics and discipline management maintenance. This also requires the basic understanding of the subject that you are interested in, which is very hard to find these days because of the shallow, mind-numbing and money-minded educational system.

To sum up, corporate culture might be good for some people but it’s not good enough for me and what seems best to me is the field of research I mean even corporate research is a good option as the funding there is pretty handful and good enough for your sustenance. Entrepreneurship is another good option and in my opinion it is kind of research that you are just applying and giving something to the society.  So next time when you are filling out forms and choosing your career, think again and give it a thought that people hankering you for some filled up sheets and completed programs is something that you want from life.

Right to Education and India


In a historic movement the Indian government passed the much coveted and needed law of Right to Education, this was the most aspired civilian rights act after Right to Information (RTI). This bill come into effect from today 1st April, 2010. By doing this, India has joined the group of select few elite’s. “Elite’s” because this is something very basic that is needed to ensure proper development of nation and give a thrust to the development of its society and the civilization. Hats off to Cabinet Minister Dr. Kapil Sibbal. This bill is one of his most  aspired projects and he promises that he has more eggs in his basket to offer to the people of India.

Though I am much of a libertarian but I would like to state that UPA v.2.0 has been doing much better work than any other government India has ever seen. Our Prime Minister is the most educated world leader ever and a group of people sitting on 10 Janpath this time don’t seem to be much disconnected from the common and young voice of India.

Right to Education bill will ensure proper and careful provision of education to each and every child, infact Right to Education is now one of the basic civil rights that Indian citizens will posses. A country where illiteracy rate though continuously declining every year is still around 65%(till 2009) certainly deserves this laudable step-up from UPA government. This bill also ensures proper development of India and promises much educated and informed labor which is very important for a developing country like India to fulfill its dream of becoming a super-power by 2020.

To know more about this act visit :