Why is it asked to hold the metaphorical prism up to your eyes and look at the world; is it because the prism scatters the light and shows you various, vivid, lovely colours that make up the bland white illuminating light? According to me the prism is meant for us to see vivid colours or characteristics that a fellow human being is made up of. But we have to ask one thing, are we holding the prism properly? Whenever someone mentions the prism I start thinking of the Pink Floyd album cover for their album “The Dark Side of the Moon”. The design was chosen because it represented three elements; the band’s stage lighting, the album lyrics, and Richard Wright’s request for a “simple and bold” design. Thus the idea behind the choice was to explain various characteristics that made up the band, their strengths and their power.

Let’s ask one thing, are we holding the prism right, are we really trying to know and understand the person we are holding judgement of or are we just fragmenting his properties so that we can judge the fellow earth dweller and make it easier for us to create the picture? Let’s also ask why is it easier to pick on people and judge them by their worst and not love them for their best. Why is it that we see the colours we hate first and not the colours we love the last?

Are you still searching for an answer, I guess you already have one, now rethink it. Is it just because it’s more convenient and effortless to just keep away and not get involved and understand the situation, understand the person in question, their likes, their dislikes, their very mere existence on this planet. Being the narcissist we are, we always wonder why have been put on this planet, what is the need, but


The Prism

do we ever care to ask, why others are here as well? Why do we co-exist? Does their existence affect my life, why do they hold a control over my life, directly or indirectly?

The answers to all these questions are very complex and have been pondered upon by the greatest and weakest of minds on this planet, then again who am I to decide who has better or lesser mind. Is it really my place to judge? Freud connected everything to latent sexual fantasy of the human subconscious, but is it really the case. Do I really hate the people I do because I want to have sex with them badly?

The mere human emotions of hate, love, fear, peace etc., can also be seen as the dispersion of the human response towards the people he/she is surrounded by which can be interpreted as the spectrum of colours and the white light as the final emotion we present to the human being under the lens of judgement.

I am not saying that we should not intercept people or try to decode their complex persona but to judge them and let them know that they are wrong on a particular front because you think is so, is wrong according to me.

This post doesn’t discuss or is not meant to answer the questions that I have in my conscious, subconscious mind. But is to put forward the ideas I have. I just want to put forward these ideas and drop them in this world, the infinite abyss. But, I request you to consider this the next time you meet someone, please try to understand the person, try to know what he/she is made up of, what are his/her strengths, what are his/her weaknesses and if you see more bad qualities then the good ones, try to help, not judge, or simply just walk away. This according to me is the perfect human, societal behaviour.


Blood Hounds

P.S. : Something very personal and close to my heart, please be sensitive to this, and I hope you can’t connect to it.

Cut me, hurt me, kill me I’m so bad; sinner I am, I fight, I scream, I shout, the love in me is profound.

Hate me, hurt me, I’m still around, I’m still abound, I’m wrong, still strong.

I’m not backing down, turn on me; change the voices in my head.

Shatter the glass, empty the jug, refill the acid, fuel with vinegar.



Undying souls are trying so hard, free us satan, cry, cry, cry;

So hungry, ready to devour, weaklings roam the planet, hurt and pathetic they prowl.

Cut me, bleed me, empty my veins, fill them with vinegar, how bad can it be?

I spew acid, I spew pain, I spread hatred, all disdain.

Love, touch, smile, all emotions wasted,

Garbage bags filled with hopes and dreams, filled with one’s pursuit for dreams unstated

Creamy and foamy, sheik and classy demons abound us, all around us

Suck the blood out of our veins, hurt us, at least less than our loved ones

Horns on your head, tail on your back, hide it as bad as you can

I can see them from even from miles away, the evil you are, less than what I imagined it could be

It’s far less because my tail is longer than you,

My wallet is filled with the golden shillings; give it to the rower to take you back

Fire, heat, burning sensations, better than the touch of the ones around

The wounds of the former heal quicker than that of the latter ones

Hounds scratch my doors, paw marks all over my door and face,

My soul is scarred, stretch marks from your loss, and blood stains on the sheets

Your touch, the warmth of your breath down my neck is all I crave

Hate me, hit me, make it hurt, throw me around, toss me around

A shot in the arm is easy to take than one in the heart, and a dagger in the back